FIAT: Factors in Arabidopsis translation

  • Initiation

  • eIF2A   Role in plant translation unknown. Thought to be alternate to eIF2 in cap-independent translation in mammals and yeast.
  • eIF2B   eIF2B is the eIF2 GDP exchange factor; not proven to be expressed in plants yet; all indicated genes are from HomoloGene similarity to mammalian eIF2B subunits
  • eIF2C   Also known as Argonaute and is a component of the silencing machinery. Although eIF2C was initially identified associated with eIF2, its role in translation (if any) is unknown.
  • eIF2D   purported to function in place of eIF2 in translation of IRES type elements in mammals. Plant function unknown.
  • eIF5MP   eIF5 "mimic protein" also called 5MP1 or BZW2 and regulates eIF2 function by being both a mimic and competitor for eIF5. Has not been characterized in plants.
  • Elongation

  • Termination

  • ABCE1   Ribosome dissociation factor