Readings for Responsible Conduct of Research

Intuition, by Allegra Goodwin is a fictional account of several ethical situations in a life science research laboratory. It is not great literature, but gives many situations to think about. Available in the Life Science library at the reserves desk.

Please read the article by Montgomerie and Birkwith and think about the survey questions.

More Readings For Thought:

Social Responsibilities of the Researcher:

Beckwith and Huang: Should we make a fuss? A case for social responsibility in science.

1918 Flu and Responsible Science

Resurected Influenza Virus Yields Secrets of Deadly 1918 Pandemic

Active Polio Baked from Scratch

Academic Freedom in Clinical Research

Publication and Plagiarism

D. Bulter, "How Many Papers are Just Duplicates?"

Price, A.R., "Cases of plagiarism handled by the United States Office of Research Integrity," Plagiary 1:1-11 (2006)

Authorship in Biomedical Research: Realities and Expectations



Collaborations: With all good intentions

see also the "pre-nup" for collaborators linked to this article

Scientific Integrity/Misconduct

Chemistry: Designer debacle

Misconduct? It's All Academic.....

Breeding Cheats

ASBMB code of ethics

Korean Stem Cell Scandal

Scientists Behaving Badly

Truth and Consequences

Panel Discredits Toyko University Team

Human Subjects

Human Subject Decision Charts

Please go to the following URL and download the “Protection of Human Subjects in Research” :,  Please read:

Describes key events in medical research that have led to the current regulatory and policy structures for conducting research on humans.

Privacy Issues Relating to Human Subjects

Ownership and Use of Tissue Specimens for Research

Animal Use

How to Work with Your Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Principles of Animal Research

Policy Issues in the use of animals

Record Keeping

Electronic Notebooks

General Information

UT Policies

ORI Website and its findings of research misconduct:

ORI website on RCR and RCR resources: