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Meeting time and location


Teaching Assistant



Grading system and note about grades

Attendance policy

Scholastic dishonesty policy

Letters of recommendation policy  


Fall 2010

Unique number: 51765
Course number: CH 369
Description:   This course is a one semester survey course designed for life science majors requiring only one semester of biochemistry. We will cover basic concepts about pH, biological buffers, bioenergetics, nucleotides, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, carbohydrates, lipids, intermediary metabolism, and molecular biology.

Prerequisite: 3 hours of organic chemistry with a grade of C or better.

Meeting time and location

Days: TTh
Time: 3:30-5:00
Place: Welch 2.224


Name: Dr. Karen Browning
Office: Welch 5.256B
Office hours: go to Blackboard
Phone: 471-4562
E-mail: Go to Blackboard for email addresses. Only use this email otherwise I will not respond. My email is also scanned by a spam/virus filter at the server level, if you use a commercial account, it may be screened out and not received. It is best to use a mail.utexas.edu address.

Teaching Assistants

See Blackboard for TA information

PLUS (peer-led undergraduate studying) Sessions(information on this program or to apply to be a peer mentor )

Go to Bb for times/places

Textbook, Online Homework and Clickers

  • Essential Biochemistry, 2nd Edition; Pratt and Cornely--available as new softcover at Coop; the new 2nd edition is very similar to the 1st edition, but the order of the chapters is changed, some are merged, some are separated. If you want to use the first edition it is fine, but be aware of the differences and you will have to pay closer attention in class to catch anything not in the first edition (there is a chapter conversion table in BB).
  • Sapling Learning, details in BB, cost ~$25
  • I will use Clickers in class for various purposes and extra credit

Exams --Exams WILL NOT be rescheduled or postponed except for documented medical reasons. Make up exams are not eligible for any curve the class may receive.

Exams will be during the scheduled class period 3:30-5 pm.

Assigned seating will be used during exams. Please check Bb for your assignment the day before the exam.

Thurs, Sept. 16, Chapters 1-5

Thurs, Oct. 7, Chapters 6-10

Thurs, Oct. 28, Chapters 11-15

Thurs, Nov. 18, Chapters 16-19

Final: Dec. 11, 2-5 pm (comprehensive chapters 1-22)


Rules for exams:

  • seating will be assigned for each exam and final
  • backpacks, notebooks, books, papers, etc. will be placed in the front of the room
  • students will not talk during the exam except to the instructor or TAs
  • remove hats and caps during the exam--5 pts will be deducted for wearing one
  • no graphing calculators or programmable hand helds or any electronic equipment of any sort (e.g. Palm Pilots, phones, cameras, computers, scanners etc)--use of one will result in confiscation and a loss of 30 points on the exam
  • you may use a simple scientific calculator, e.g., TI-36S Solar Calculator (~$15) or learn to use the log tables for pH and buffer problems
  • no cell phones or pagers or any other electronic equipment--turn them off and place at front of room!

Grading system--

  • Graded homework for each chapter will be assigned through Sapling Learning for a total of 60 pts (4 pts each, highest 15 will be counted).
  • 4 exams (100 pt each), the lowest exam will be dropped. No make up exams given for interviews, weddings, personal events of any kind. In the case of a documented illness, a make up exam may be considered.
  • The comprehensive final will be worth 140 pts. Be sure to check your calendars NOW for any conflicts. There will be no early finals due to interviews, weddings, early flights, etc.. Drop the class if you cannot take the final.
  • A=450-500 pts; B=400-449 pts; C=350-399 pts; D=300-349 pts; F= 299 and below. Course grade totals are NOT curved, your total is your course grade. Grades are NOT determined by percentage, your total points determine your grade. A total of 449 points is a B. I do round up to the nearest whole number, eg. 449.5 or above will be rounded to 450.
  • Plus/minus will NOT be used.
  • Several types of extra credit (including random online quizzes), calling on in class, clicker points, etc. up to 8 pts maximum for the semester may be offered at various times during the semester. You should consider this an "earned" course curve. If you have 449 points from your exams and homework, then the 8 pts you earned as extra credit will make a difference in your course grade.

Note about grades for this class. It has been observed that if you score well below 50 on the first exam it is highly unlikely that you will score better on subsequent exams. This generally means you have too heavy a course load or are distracted by something in your personal life and do not have the time necessary to keep up with the material. Please pay careful attention to the drop dates and should illness or personal issues cause you to fall behind, immediately contact a College of Natural Sciences counselor (471-4536, WCH 1.106) and let me know. Generally these kinds of issues affect more than one class and the counselors can help you figure out which classes to drop. It is much better to drop the class than end up in trouble at the end of the semester.

Attendance and Attention Policy

Regular attendance is expected at all class meetings. Random attendance will be taken throughout the semester by various means. Your attention in class is also required. If you come to class only to text, check your email, read the paper, watch You-Tube, sleep, etc. (all behaviours observed) just do not bother to come to class. Your bad behavior is distracting to other students who do want to be in class.

Scholastic dishonesty policy

Students who violate University rules on scholastic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary penalties, including the possibility of failure in the course and/or dismissal from the University. Since such dishonesty harms the individual, all students, and the integrity of the University, policies on scholastic dishonesty will be strictly enforced. For further information, see the Student Judicial Services website.


Letters of recommendation policy

Letters of recommendation will include your class grade, ranking in the class, and your level of participation as judged by extra credit (including attendance days) and homework turned in etc. I generally only answer questions on forms that may be answered based on grades. You should come to office hours several times during the semester so that I may get to know you better if you want additional remarks. Remember there are 300+ in the class.


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